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Membership Applications  

An application for membership shall be made on IECIAA’s official application form or a copy of the official form. A board member shall review all applications to maintain the association's professional standards. Applications approved by any board member shall be presented to the Executive Board for final approval. A board member shall formally notify applicants of the status of his/her membership.

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Vice President of Programs

Jennifer Krutak
Rialto Police Department
Phone: (909)-820-2645

Email: jkrutak@rialtopd.com


Amy Varela
Redlands Police Department
Phone: (909)-798-7545

Email: avarela@redlandspolice.org

General Members


General Members of IECIAA consists of law enforcement professionals

whose primary responsibility involves the analysis of crime or intelligence at

a federal, state, county or city law enforcement agency may join. General

members who have a DOJ CIA (Department of Justice Crime and Intelligence Analysis) certificate may hold office and otherwise participate in all the activities and privileges of the Association. General members are encouraged to take an active part in the Association. 



The Executive Board of IECIAA comprises elected officers of the association and the immediate past president of the association. Board Members serve their terms in two year increments.

The president presides at the Executive Board meetings. The Board is responsible for the administrative decisions for the association and pursue the objectives of the association

The Inland Empire Crime and Intelligence

Analyst Association (IECIAA) is comprised of

General members; Associate members; and  Student/Intern members.

Associate Members


Associate Members are professionals in education, criminal justice or other

fields who work closely with law enforcement personnel in the field of crime

analysis. Associate members are nonvoting members and shall not hold elective office. They are entitled to all other rights and privileges of the association but could be excluded from a meeting or 3 portions thereof due to law enforcement confidentiality. . 


Bernie Reynolds
Ontario Police Department
Phone: (909)-395-2722
Email: breynolds@ontariopolice.org​

Student\Intern Members


Student\Intern Members   are students who actively taking courses in the

Crime Analysis Certification Program and/or completing the intern program and/or enrolled in any criminal justice and/or related subject. This includes paid, volunteer, and intern positions. Student/Intern members are non-voting members and shall not hold elective office. They are entitled to all other rights and privileges of the association but could be excluded from a meeting or portions thereof due to law enforcement confidentiality. 

Vice President of Membership

Carynn Terrill
Fontana Police Department
Phone: (909)-356-7152


Nicole Epps
Riverside Sheriff

Phone: (951)-955-2931

Email: nepps@riversidesheriff.org

Inland Empire Crime and Intelligence Analysts Association (IECIAA)