The CGPATC congratulates Fred Lee on his accomplishment and his adherence to the high standards of training and certification that the organization stands for.  We’d like to thank everyone who submitted their colleagues for this award and encourage the use of Geographic Profiling.  For more information about Geographic Profiling and this award, please visit  For more information about current training courses in Geographic Profiling, please visit

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The Committee for Geographic Profiling Analyst Training and Certification (CGPATC) is pleased to announce that the 2018 Geographic Profiling Application of the Year has been awarded to Fred Lee with the Riverside (California) Police Department for his innovative and effective analysis resulting in the arrest of a serial commercial burglary. 

Tuesday, October 30th, 2018

Networking / Information Sharing Session

Location:Ontario PD - 2500 S Archibald Ave​, Community Room

IECIAA Business Meeting: 0900 – 0945 hours
RoundTable: 1000 – 1130 hours

In recent months, agencies across the Inland Empire have experienced an increase in robberies, GTAs and other crimes with similar suspects and MOs crossing jurisdictions. As analysts, it is critical that we exchange information on our cases in order to know if we have overlapping suspects, emerging crime series, and to help one another try to solve some of these cases before they get out of control.

Join us this month for a networking/information sharing session to learn what's going on in your neighboring jurisdictions and share what's happening in yours. Be prepared to discuss what your agency is seeing, what steps you have been taking as an analyst to identify potential case leads and suspects, and how you are networking with other analysts and detectives to link your cases together.

This is an excellent opportunity to share information with others, if you aren't already doing so, in an effort to expand intel and resources while working towards a common goal!! We encourage you to bring your detectives so that they can contribute to the info sharing process as well as gain a better understanding of what their analysts look for when working to support their cases. Please bring copies of any recent flyers you would like to share with the group.


Jennifer Krutak, Crime Analyst

Member Highlight  - Fred LEE

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