IECIAA was established in 1997 and is one of six regional Crime and Intelligence Analysts Associations (CCIAA) that span the state of California.

IECIAA is a professional law enforcement organization whose purpose  is  to share  crime analysis and intelligence knowledge, techniques, and expertise.

Current membership is primarily made up of analysts from local law enforcement agencies in the Inland Empire, San Bernardino and Riverside County areas

Joy has been a productive member of the San Bernardino County Sheriff’s Department since November 2005, and currently holds the position of Sheriff Services Specialist for the Town of Apple Valley PD. 

Joy completed her certification classes at Cal State Fullerton in 2017. Her 400 hours of CA internship were completed in 2018 at the San Bernardino County Sheriff’s Department Criminal Intelligence Division. Joy completed the bulk of her internship hours on her regularly scheduled day off from her job and volunteered for different assignments with the CID. She also attended numerous IECIAA trainings and State conferences, paying for any fees out of her own pocket.

Joy was a valuable and dedicated intern for the CID. She never complained about “grunt” assignments but was also very helpful and knowledgeable when given real-world Crime Analysis duties. Due to her existing knowledge of the Sheriff’s Department through her employment, she brought a lot of valuable experience to the table. The analysts all enjoyed working with Joy and her Station Commander, Lt. Jason Cunningham, stated in her application for the scholarship that "when an opening occurs in our division, Joy will be an incredibly competitive candidate. I have no doubt she will eventually be hired as a Crime Analyst with SBSD". ​

​Congratulations Joy! Enjoy the classes, have fun, and network like crazy.


Member Highlight  - Leah green

Inland Empire Crime and Intelligence Analysts Association (IECIAA)

Welcome to the Inland Empire Crime and Intelligence Analysts Association's (IECIAA) Website.

Member Highlight  - Joy Ballinger

Member Highlight  - Cory Creek

Crime Analyst Cory Creek from the Rialto Police Department was selected as the 2019 IECIAA Analyst of the Year. Cory has been with the Rialto Police Department for the past four years and plays an integral part in fulfilling many of the department’s objectives. Unlike many analysts who are primarily assigned to support investigations, Cory has the unique opportunity to work with all divisions of the police department. Cory actively works with our detectives to identify suspects involved in violent crimes and ongoing property crime series. Part of this process involves reviewing video footage, daily, from crime scenes to obtain images of suspects that can be checked against facial recognition software and other databases.

Joy Ballinger, from the San Bernardino County Sheriff’s Department, has been selected as the 2019 IECIAA scholarship recipient. Joy will receive a waived registration to this year’s CCIAA state conference in Yosemite. 

Joy was nominated by fellow IECIAA members for her outstanding contributions to the field of Crime Analysis and her eagerness to learn and help in any which way that she can. Joy has been a superb intern who recently completed her internship at the San Bernardino County Sheriff’s Department Criminal Intelligence Division.

The Inland Empire Crime and Intelligence Analysts Association is proud to announce that Crime Analyst Leah Green, from the Chino Police Department, is the recipient of the 2019 Steve Gottlieb/ Alpha Group Center Award for California

Snippet from her nomination:

 “Analyst Green introduced an innovative new software program that revolutionized the way the Chino Police Department disseminates criminal intelligence. Her program increased the speed with which crime information is

shared between line level officers in the field. The program mirrors a social media feed and allows officers to enter information into the system at the time they are investigating the crime. Other Officers can then monitor the live feed and immediately start looking for suspects of crimes that have just recently occurred. This system has helped officers stop serial property crimes such as auto burglaries, package thefts and commercial burglaries on a routine basis

Mrs. Green has also expanded the site to include valuable information that officers use  in the field every day. Officers can find legal updates, training bulletins, site maps, sex registrants and investigative resources in different parts of the site.

The system she helped create for the Chino Police Department is a very successful, user friendly, intelligence sharing program that is innovative and unique. I am not aware of another local department using such technology to instantly bring Crime Analysis to the line level with such speed and effectiveness.”

Chino Police Department Lieutenant Andrew Bjelland

 When a positive match is found, Cory provides a complete suspect profile to detectives so that warrants and follow up arrests can be carried out. In 2019, our Investigations Unit has had a 50% increase in case clearances; many of these successful outcomes were a result of the initiative Cory took to identify suspects linked to open cases.

Cory also assists with producing intelligence workups for high-risk search warrants, gang association warrants and large-scale narcotics investigations. This entails ongoing ALPR analysis, link analysis, monitoring live tracker data from suspect vehicles, and deep-dive social media analysis. This year, Cory has identified over 50 suspects using these types of resources. As one of our TLOs, Cory works closely with our JTTF Task Force Officer. To date, Cory assisted him with numerous counter-terrorism investigations resulting in 21 weapons and $250,000 seized, eight arrests, and four subjects identified making threats against law enforcement.

In addition to the above, Cory produces informational bulletins to patrol that include emerging crime patterns, GTA hot sheets, warrant hot sheets, officer safety flyers, and hot spot crime maps. She follows Evidenced-Based Policing strategies to highlight day and time patterns of crime in order to provide recommendations for extra patrol per shift. Her recommendations have allowed officers to be proactive in vulnerable areas of the city resulting in a reduction of crime. Cory has even taken it a step further by participating in community and crime-free multi housing meetings where she educates business owners and apartment managers on how calls for service data can assist them in proactively keeping their properties safer.

Outside of her traditional crime analysis duties, Cory is involved in numerous technology projects. Currently, she is part of a team working on a citywide camera integration program. This involves connecting with business and homeowners to share their camera footage across a centralized platform that the department can monitor during in-progress incidents. Cory has also played an instrumental role in introducing the department to ESRI’s Survey123 app. Cory developed surveys that our officers use to capture data in the field which is later used to assist with investigations, officer stats and after-action operational reports. These surveys include FI Cards, K9 unit stats, and homeless data tracking for the annual Point-In-Time Count. With the homeless data analyzed by Cory this year, we were able to focus our attention on specific locations throughout the city and subsequently, 130 transients were contacted within a four-hour time period. This was the first year we had Cory provide this type of analysis and our PITC proved to be our most successful to date. As a result, the City of Rialto was able to secure a $600,000 Homeless Emergency Aid Program (HEAP) grant to assist in homeless prevention.

 This year, our department created its first social media team. Cory is one of five members of the team and is responsible for posting and commenting on department social media pages (Facebook, Instagram and Twitter) regarding public alerts, community events and other noteworthy stories. Cory’s enthusiasm for technology is the main reason she was hand selected by command staff to be part of these key initiatives.

Crime Analyst Cory Creek has a passion for her job that is second to none. She is frequently taking on new projects and constantly adapting to meet the demands placed on her unit. She regularly attends and participates in monthly meetings put on by her local regional Crime Analyst association and networks with several of her fellow colleagues on a daily basis. She does all of this work without ever seeking any recognition. Her humility and constant strive to increase the quality of life in the Rialto community demonstrates why she is beyond worthy of this award. 

Lieutenant Cameron Nelson

​Training, News, etc.


February 12, 2020

​Today's Hybrid Crime Analyst

San Bernardino Sheriff's Dept.

655 E. 3rd St., San Bernardino, CA 92415


We are very fortunate to have retired LASD Crime Analyst Supervisor Annie Mitchell and LASD Crime Analyst Romy Haas as our guest speakers. 

Both presentations were recently presented at the  2019 CCIAA state conference. If you were unable to attend the conference or missed their presentations, you definitely want to RSVPfor February's training.

Annie will speak on the various “curve balls” that are thrown at us every day and discuss how we can better manage and deal with them (Supervisor information is included in her presentation)

A few topic examples: Time Management & Prioritization; Effective and Actionable products; High vs. Low priority products and services; Data as your weapon; Analytical case studies Embracing your “Hybrid” role
Romy will address some of the uncertainty that crime analysts face when first testifying in court. Her presentation will cover the basics in preparing for and testifying in court, how a prelim is different from a trial, what you can expect from direct and cross examinations, working with Deputy District Attorneys and Detectives, dealing with defense expert witnesses, and much more.

This training is FREE to paid 2020 IECIAA members. If you have not paid your membership dues, applications and payment will be accepted at the door.


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